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Russian River Cruises


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Russia is a great country with diverse tradition and art and there are a lot to see in it.


To experience Russia only by land is to miss a major part of its character and history. Therefore, the best way to discover the grandeur of Russian history, traditions, architecture and landscapes is on a river cruise.


If you are availing Russia river cruise, you do not have to worry about hotel booking as you already have an accommodation on cruise ship. Similarly, you do not have to go about looking to rent a car for traveling the country as you will be traveling through the country through the cruise ship. There is no need to burn your pocket having food at exorbitant expensive hotels as the voyage includes the food as well. These are the reasons that have made the traveler avail Russia river cruise to visit the country and enjoy its various elements.


When you take the Russia river cruise you will enjoy thoroughly in a relaxed way without worrying about hotel booking, food and traveling that will dent your budget in a big way. Russia river cruise no doubt will be a memorable one.


The country's great rivers take you to the heart of magnificent cities ancient and modern filled with unique monuments and buildings, and to spectacular countryside, where you will get a taste of Russian heritage. You'll enjoy an intimate setting aboard a small, cozy and beautifully appointed riverboat.




Our itineraries: 

Moscow - Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg - Moscow


Most river cruises on the Volga and its associated waterways average 12 to 13 days.

So, what will you see on your river cruise?

Of course you will experience all the well-known landmarks, from the UNESCO World Heritage Red Square in Moscow, where you will see the Kremlin, Lenin’s tomb, and the magnificently colored onion domed Saint Basil’s Cathedral, to the historic center of St. Petersburg with its canals and over 400 bridges, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Between these two cities you will cruise and explore the Russian heartland including the “Golden Ring” cities of Uglich, known for the richness of its cultural treasures such as the Transfiguration Cathedral and the Church of St. Dmitri, and Yaroslavl with its historic city center, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For a more in-depth understanding of the sights and sounds of a Russian river cruise, please take a few moments to read the Russia destination article.  






Yakutsk - Lenskie Sheki - Mirny, 9 days


Lena Cruise is definitely one of the most exotic and original tours you can perform in Siberia. The powerful flow of the magnificent Lena will amaze you with its purity and strength. Second longest Russian river runs more than 4400 km, almost from Baikal down to Arctic Ocean through the Terra Incognita, known as Gold and Diamond land, ever-white Tundra desert - Yakutia.

Legendary Yakutia is the land of contrasts with extremely cold winter and charmingly beautiful tundra blooming during the dramatic climax of the short Arctic summer. You will find the ship to be modern and comfortable and the itinerary of our trip rich and varied. Taking part in folk celebrations one becomes familiar with the genuine culture of people who live in the harshest climate in the world. Exploring endless immense of the North travellers cross the Polar Circle, enjoy the magnificent Lena river white nights and sunsets, try fishing and taste authentic Siberian cuisine.




A memorable taste of Russian culture and nature, the Lake Baikal Cruise provides and opportunity for you to unwind and relax in awe-inspiring surroundings.

Baikal cruise lets you see the unique places of Baikal nature which impossible to see from the land for such short period. During several days of cruise you will have opportunity to see different landscapes of lake shore, feel the power of Baikal, its asperity and prodigality. You will be able to visit places without any impact of civilization.

During the cruise we offer different types of activity, so everybody will find things to do. You definitely will enjoy to fish in the stocked with fish places, to dive in hot springs of peninsula Holy Nose, to visit the rookery of Baikal seals – Nerpa on Ushkaniy Islands and Barguzinsky national park, to know the story about Buryat’s holy place – Olkhon Island, to see Holy Buddhist place – Stupa on the Ohoy Island and petroglyphic drawing in white cliff of Sagan-Zaba.


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